Choosing to pursue a PhD Organizational Leadership is not an easy decision. This is not a light decision and should not be made quickly and without research. When considering the pros and cons of earning a PhD in Organizational Leadership some might conclude the pursuit is not worthwhile. In an effort to help you decide if pursuing a terminal degree in the field of leadership is for you; we will answer a few basic questions.

What is the Average Cost of a Doctoral Program?

One source you can find information in this regard is the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics. The statistics from NCES state that the cost of a doctorate ranges from $123,000-$181,500 according to figures obtained from 2007-2008. On a yearly basis, you could pay $23,200 per year at a public school while a private education would likely cost you in excess of $35,800 yearly.

How Long will it take to Complete My Education?

Earning a PhD Organizational Leadership is a time commitment. You likely have heard the question, what are you going to be doing five-year hereafter? The average time commitment is around three years. However, a seven-year timeline is also not unheard for such a goal. Additionally, to pursue this high level degree you need to possess your master’s degree first.

Additional Personal Questions

The following are questions you should ask yourself prior to beginning a PhD Organizational Leadership degree. It is better to ask yourself these questions before investing in a doctoral degree to save yourself time and money. At some point during the process, you will discover that you will question your pursuit at multiple points throughout the process.

  1. Why is grad school important to me?
  2. Why is it the right time to pursue this degree?
  3. What environment is best for my educational pursuit?
  4. What types of experiences are you looking forward to receiving during your program?
  5. Will anyone in my life impact my dream of earning a PhD Organizational Leadership?
  6. How much time can I commit to formal learning?

What Type of Job Could I Receive Upon Graduation?

For those individuals interested in teaching at the university level, a doctoral degree is a requirement. However, teaching is not the only available job one may be able to procure after graduation. A degree in this area can open doors for positions in research or an executive setting in government or a nonprofit business.
A program director is one position that you may be able to attain. Your function would be designing training and development opportunities for others. Another option is a college dean. Your leadership and management abilities are important to guiding staff and forming connections with the business community in the area you serve. Your knowledge about leadership is also beneficial to run an organization and act as a chief operating officer. Your ability to analyze a market and identify opportunities is useful in new pursuits through entrepreneurship.

Programs for PhD in Organizational Leadership

To help guide you in the research process to find an appropriate program to fit your needs you may want to consider the following universities and colleges.
North Central University
Regent University
Eastern University
Concordia University Chicago