Cancer Appreciation: 100 Questions About Yourself

One way to gain a deeper understanding of yourself is by asking and answering 100 questions about yourself.  Since 100 questions to ask yourself about life serves as a guide you will be able to focus the majority of your time on answering questions.  This is important because the time and energy spent on developing your set of questions can be time-consuming.

The selection of these 100 questions about yourself keeps the following in mind.  First, these questions are open-ended.  The reason open-ended questions are important is due to the variety of responses the questions invite.  Furthermore, open-ended questions allow you to respond in a creative manner.  Because these 100 questions to ask yourself about life are flexible and welcome creativity you can discover more information about yourself than a close-ended question.

Second, the selection of these questions is toward self-discovery with the focus toward the future.  What I mean to say is that although some of these questions are reflective, you can use them to change your future path through questions.  I encourage you to use the answers to these questions to find your driving purpose in life.

When you face an illness like cancer you have the capability to reevaluate your life.  Because you take the time to reevaluate your direction in life, you can redesign it by focusing on the elements of your life that are important.  Remember, you are unique and approach a situation like no other.  You may share a common purpose with other individuals.  However, you arrive at that purpose through a different set of experiences.  Likewise, your agenda for solving the problems you choose to tackle may help different groups of people.

When I originally started this leadership blog, I was focusing on those people who had a desire to learn more about the topic.  Subsequently, I pivoted the focus of my blog to help individuals recovering from cancer.  One of the purposes in my life is to help others like myself.  Doctors can help you by providing medications and helping to cure problems.  Unfortunately, no one tells you how to tackle life after cancer.

The problem is that many people who undergo this experience are forced to stop their lives abruptly.  Because of this hiatus, we also face a challenge in trying to learn to relive and find ourselves.  What is your purpose? After you identify your purpose, what actions do you take to bring yourself closer to this life purpose?  These 100 questions about yourself are a starting point.  I encourage you not to delay but come back often to answer these 100 questions to ask yourself about life and leave comments.

100 Questions to Ask Yourself About Life
100 questions to ask yourself about life
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  1. How many of my friends would I trust with my life?
  2. What’s the one thing I’d like others to remember about me at the end of my life?
  3. Does it matter what others think about me? Are you an innie or an outie?
  4. What do you think is your best feature?
  5. Are you superstitious?
  6. What’s the most daring thing you have done?
  7. If you could be any age, what age would you be?
  8. What is your favorite cartoon of all time?
  9. If you were in a car sinking in a lake, what would you do first?
  10. What would you change about yourself if you could?
  11. What are your favorite words?
  12. How do you react to criticism?
  13. What apps do you use most often?
  14. How would you prefer to die?
  15. What three things could you not live without?
  16. How would you spend a million dollars?
  17. What was the last dream?
  18. To get to know you, what should someone read, watch, listen, or do?
  19. How would you spend your ideal day?
  20. What five things do you spend the most time doing?
  21. How did you celebrate your last birthday?
  22. What new beginning excites me?
  23. If you could see your future, would you want to?
  24. What would you change about yourself if you could?
  25. What is your favorite thing about your career?
  26. If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?
  27. Do you like or dislike surprises? Why or why not?
  28. Would you rather win the lottery or work at the perfect job? Moreover, why?
  29. What has the universe been asking me to release?
  30. How would your friends describe you?
  31. What are your hobbies?
  32. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  33. If you could go back in time to change one thing, what would it be?
  34. What would you never want to change?
  35. If you could share a meal with any four individuals, living or dead, who would they be?
  36. What’s the longest you have gone without sleep (and why)?
  37. What do you do to keep fit?
  38. Where is my heart guiding me?
  39. What am I committed to changing?
  40. What lessons am I learning right now?
  41. Where can I surrender?
  42. What patterns keep repeating in my life, and what can I learn from them?
  43. Where can I take responsibility for my outcome?
  44. What change can I make today?
  45. What challenges from my past can I celebrate overcoming?
  46. Where can I ask for help, and whom can I let in?
  47. What expectations am I ready to release?
  48. How is life asking me to grow right now?
  49. What signs have I been misinterpreting or ignoring?
  50. How have I let fear dictate my actions?
  51. What have I been avoiding out of fear?
  52. Where can I show more of my true self?
  53. What area of my life have I become disenchanted with, and what is that trying to tell me?
  54. What has my intuition been trying to tell me?
  55. Where do I feel broken? What steps will I take to release this internal pain?
  56. In what ways can I appreciate myself more?
  57. What long-term success am I working to create?
  58. What situation in my life turned out to be a giant blessing in disguise?
  59. Where have I been settling?
  60. What actions step can I take to raise my standards?
  61. What is my fear trying to tell me?
  62. In what ways can I be kinder to myself?
  63. What have I given up on that still wants to be pursued?
  64. Where have I been forcing myself to heal faster than what feels right?
  65. How have I been cheating on my future by thinking thoughts of my past?
  66. What “flaw” can I accept today?
  67. What area of my life can I act as a leader?
  68. How am I standing in my way?
  69. What stories am I telling myself that are holding me back?
  70. How do I feel guilty?
  71. What action step can I take today that my future self will appreciate me for later?
  72. When do I feel most alive?
  73. What do I need to say but have not voiced?
  74. How do I measure my success?
  75. Where can I give new life to a project?
  76. What is the silver lining of my current situation?
  77. What miracle have I recently witnessed?
  78. Where have I allowed “no” to stop me?
  79. What act of kindness can I do right now?
  80. What promise can I keep to myself?
  81. Where can I be more courageous with my heart?
  82. What relationship is no longer necessary?
  83. Where can I be more understanding?
  84. What past situation have I been romanticizing?
  85. Where has a scarcity or lack-based thought prevented me from doing what I love?
  86. When I listen to my heart, what does it say?
  87. What payoff is no longer pleasing me?
  88. What would you regret not doing in your life?
  89. What’s the wisest thing you have ever heard someone say?
  90. What lessons in life did you learn to hard way?
  91. If you had one year left to live, what would you try to achieve?
  92. How am I grateful?
  93. Have you done anything you are proud of lately?
  94. What are you avoiding?
  95. What would you say is one thing you would like to change the world?
  96. Why do we do things we dislike and like the things we never seem to do?
  97. What would people say about you at your funeral?
  98. If you knew that you would die tomorrow, what questions would you ask yourself?
  99. What can I do with my current limitations?
  100. What dream have I ignored, but keeps coming back?