What is a life coach job description? Have you heard the term life coach? What exactly is a life coach? You will learn about the role of a life coach and how they are beneficial to others.

Life Coach Job Description

The role of a life coach goes beyond providing others tips and hints about life or career choice.  To excel as a life coach, you need to take the time to learn about the motivational factors of each.  Each person may face different challenges or be in search of unique rewards.  life coaching involves connecting the dots between goals and rewards with the strategic initiative to overcome the challenges that are limiting the person’s potential from reaching their destination.

As a life coach, your job is to help others understand realistic expectations.  Will the effort put forth bring you closer to one’s life objectives?

Assuming you helped to establish realistic expectations, your next role is to divide the project into mini goals or objectives.  By creating smaller goals, tasks that seemed awkward or distant can appear much more manageable in nature.

The life coach job description also entails supporting the individual’s progress.  To help the client, the life coach will meet with them on a regular basis. 

Regular meetings allow the life coach to help maintain the customer trajectory toward goal achievement.  Furthermore, the life coaching entails record keeping.  Record keeping allows one to ensure a match between aspirations and actual performance.

During these status checks, you will evaluate client ability with their capacity to execute.  You may need to help adjust the strategic approach as appropriate.

Required Training

A life coach certificate is not mandatory.

However, a certificate acquired from a life coach training program demonstrates your commitment.  Clients will prefer a coach who possesses documentation that they are qualified to perform the life coach job description.

Certificates in life coaching can be obtained through the International Coach Federation.  This organization provides different levels of certification based on experience and training.

Typical Life Coaching Arenas

  1. Individuals or families

A life coach addressing these needs typically focuses on transitional periods.  Stress and anxiety accompany these interim periods.  You will work with these people to overcome their challenges and transitional life phase.

  1. Vocational

Vocational coaches help leaders manage organizational problems.  Organizational problems come in a variety of forms.  These issues mean that your job will not always be routine in nature.

Per International Coach Federation, 31% of life coaches focus on vocational concerns, 36% address interpersonal relationship problems, while 31% of life coaches are centered on dealing with communication skills.

Life Coach Employment

Private Agencies

Private companies employ life coaches and assign them to clients as jobs become available.  The company may choose to focus on individual or family coaching, vocational coaching, or both.

Self Employment

In this type of job setting, you truly are your own boss.  You will be responsible for sourcing your clients, managing the books, and taking care of other business operations.

According to a study by the International Coach Federation, 53,300 certified life coaches make close to $2.7 billion with an average annual income of $51,000.


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