The Google extensions for teachers listed on this page are for the purpose of creating and enhancing assignments. Additionally, Some of these tools are also beneficial for providing students with feedback.

9 Google Extensions for Teachers that will enhance your lessons and save you time


A popular Google extension for teachers is Kami which allows teachers to annotate and markup PDF’s. Furthermore, students can add color, shapes, and text as needed.

Price Free and Teacher plan for 150 students at $99 per year.

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Extending the learning with Google extensions for teachers

Custom Cursor

Custom cursor provides you with the opportunity to modify your cursor to different objects and symbols that will allow you to express yourself and make it more visible for your students.

Price Free


Mote is one of the many Google extensions for teachers that allows teachers to leave custom voice comments and feedback in different Google applications including Docs and Classroom.

Price Free


CraftyLevel allows teachers to identify reading levels of online documents using the Flesch-Kincaid grade level scale. In other words, you can match your student’s grade level you will find this tool of value.

Price Free

Classwork Zoom

Classwork Zoom is a solution to monitoring revision history in a document. Furthermore, you receive a timeline that helps you measure progress and engagement.

Price Free

Insert Learning

A list of Google extensions for teachers would not be complete without Insert Learning. Insert Learning is a tool to make any web page interactive. Additionally, teachers are able to add questions, insight, and videos to any webpage. Students are also able to take notes on the material that is read.

Price Free for 5 lessons or Teacher version for $40 per year for unlimited lessons


Pocket allows you to save articles, videos, and pages to be viewed later on different devices. Therefore, if you are wanting to save articles and videos this would be a good option.

Price Free


Fireshot is a screen capture tool that allows you to capture an entire webpage or quickly select key elements. Google extensions for teachers must list a screen capture tool and this is my personal favorite.

Price Free


PearDeck is a tool that helps to make presentations interactive. Moreover, PearDeck has several prebuilt slides that are designed to engage students. You can add additional custom-built slides based on your individual needs.

Price Free or $149.99 per year

Google Extensions for Teachers Conclusion

The listed Google extensions for teachers will help you to enhance your lessons and save you time. From experience, my favorite tool has been PearDeck. I enjoy PearDeck for lesson delivery. One reason is that it puts the slides in front of students so that it is easier to consume information from afar or while distance learning. Students have found the social-emotional learning that is embedded in the app a valuable tool that helps you connect with students on a deeper more meaningful level. Furthermore, students have stated that they like they can engage with the material in a meaningful way without one person dominating the conversation.