Welcome to Tidal Wave Leader.  You will learn about cancer wellness in this cancer project.  This resource is here to help you discover your new “why” after cancer so that you can leave a positive legacy.

The Tidal Wave Leader is a resource for leadership, life purpose, and cancer recovery.  The goal is to help inspire cancer patients and those in remission.

Cancer Wellness the Journey to Becoming Your “Self” cancer wellness

The aim of this blog is to cover a variety of strategies to improve your wellbeing.  Having dealt with cancer and returning to work after cancer, I have a unique point of view on the matter.

One of the greatest lessons I learned from my experience is that those things I originally thought were important is not always true.  This experience showed me that I was overlooking the things that are valuable and important in my life.  When you make this realization, you discover a new life trajectory.

Brief History of My “Self”

Before cancer, I was climbing the proverbial corporate ladder and becoming a leader in my organization.  Today, I choose to focus my attention on educating others.  I have experience as an educator teaching young learners in a variety of capacities.  I continue to develop my knowledge striving for a doctoral degree in management and organizational leadership.

Goals of the Tidal Wave Leader: Inspire Cancer Patients 

inspire cancer

Inspire Cancer Patients One Drop at a Time to Create a Large Ripple

Whether dealing with cancer yourself or trying to assist another, this site is for you.  My goal is to help empower you and others to take action one-step at a time.  A cancer event is all consuming.  It can be difficult to move beyond this event as your priorities in life are awakened and changed.

Understandably, cancer is an unfortunate diagnosis.  The journey through treatment helps you to grow as a person.  It is important to inspire cancer patients and those recovering.  The problem is that there is little information on returning to work after cancer as you become your “self.”  Whether you are looking to return to work or seeking revitalization through the establishment of new career choices, you are not alone.

What to Expect When Visiting TheTWLeader.com

The Tidal Wave Leader will provide you with information to start taking action when you are ready.  I try to provide you with different content that will help you move forward through a variety of formats including our blog, related videos, book reviews, and other additional sources.

returning to work after cancer

Overcoming the Mountain of Returning to Work After Cancer

By providing you with different content types, you can learn the best method of returning to your  “self,” returning to work after cancer, and becoming a Tidal Wave Leader.

Vince Lombardi once said, “Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.”

Traversing the road through treatment is hard work.  It is not always an easy course.  However, treatment is a price you have to pay.  At the other end, you must have goals to serve as motivation.  What goals will you accomplish?

Key Takeaways from the Tidal Wave Leader and the Cancer Project

There are a couple of key takeaways from each visit to TheTWLeader.com. “Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish” by Sam Walton.

First, you feel better about yourself. Having higher self-esteem will allow you to feel more confident in your abilities. This confidence will transition to those you lead as you empower them to take more action creating a confidence multiplier and making you a Tidal Wave Leader.

Second, your goals will become clearer as you envision a strategic approach to accomplishing those goals. Goals and strategic approaches that are clear will help you become a Tidal Wave as you empower your followers. the cancer project

Third, you will gain new insights that will help you grow personally by visiting TheTWLeader.com.

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Comments on TheTWLeader.com

The Tidal Wave Leader welcomes your feedback. Your feedback helps us to provide you with more value and in turn become Tidal Wave Leaders. We can tailor our message to fit your needs when we hear from you as you leave comments.  Thank you for visiting TheTWLeader.com, and I hope you find the resources helpful in getting you to return to work after cancer.