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David Moriarty
Tidal Wave Leader

About the Author

David Moriarty writes about his experience and knowledge about leadership, life purpose, and cancer recovery. One of the monumental experience he possesses is the battle he overcame with cancer. He is currently a teacher who works with learners of all ages.  Currently he is pursuing his doctoral degree in management and organizational leadership.

"Great post, leadership is important. These games will subconsciously teach people the true value and benefits of being a leader!"

PJ Zafra
Jane Smith

"Really hit the nail on the head with this one. Leadership and management have become so entangled with one another that people can’t tell the difference anymore.

Few people understand that the power behind leadership stems from their ability to empower the people they’re working with and inspire them to awake the greatness within themselves."

Shawn Michael Hartwell
Shane Melaugh