Leadership speech
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Whether you’re hoping to make a difference in your personal life or business, you can hire a life strategist or watch a leadership speech can get you rocking. Below you will find nine examples of a leadership speech that will get you out of your chair.

Examples of Leadership Speech Themes

  • Begin with reflection

reflect on your current situation. Think about where you want to be in the future.

  • Set goals for yourself

take time to set smart goals. Goals must be specific. Make them measurable. Identify attainable goals. Write down goals that you need to reach to obtain. Establish a timeline for when you hope to achieve them.

  • Accept your emotions

frequently leaders are passionate and embrace their feelings. Emotions allow them to connect with their followers.

  • Understand there may be a level of fear

the unknown can be scary. The scariness of a situation may lead you to shrink away. Consider how you can use this emotion to propel you to success.

  • Take action

leaders are the individuals who take action. An effort may only start with one person. With time, action snowballs. You gain followers from the inspiration you provide.

Rick Rigsby

This leadership speech asks how are you living? The speaker focuses on aiming high and missing. Aim high, rather than aiming low and hitting your target. I like this leadership speech because it takes you on an emotional journey. One moment you are laughing the next, you may be brought to tears. The expression gets you to reflect on the difference you can make.

Denzel Washington

Have something to fall back on? No, fall forward! Be passionate, and take chances. Dream big and accompany these dreams with goals. Fail until the light goes on. Accept that you will fail and suck. Failure brings you closer to success.

Robert Kiyosaki

Get a job to earn money. Learn about money. The moment I pay you, you’re an employee. You never want a paycheck. Be an entrepreneur and work for free. Take a moment and play monopoly and learn about money. Acquire assets, and they become more significant. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and grow.

Jeff Bezos

Find your passion is the key message in this leadership speech. Find your calling. Be bold. A few big successes compensate for dozens of things that didn’t work. Embrace failure and dare to experiment. Do something exciting and useful. Lean into the future and face adversity. When you fall down, you get back up.

Jim Carrey

You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love. Find the purpose of your life. How will you serve the world? What can your talent provide? The effect you can have on others is the most valuable currency. Perceive challenges as beneficial.

Paul Osincup

A leadership speech on the role of humor. Learn to not take yourself so seriously. People want leaders who are relatable and imperfect. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, somebody else will do it for us. The best leader characteristics are work ethic and sense of humor. Humor makes people approachable, and increase productivity.

Lou Holtz

Life is about making choices. Be responsible for the choices you make. You’re either growing or dying. Try to get better, which means taking risks. You have to have hopes and dreams. Find something to do, love, somebody to believe, and hope.

William McRaven

Accomplish something early in your day. Accomplishes snowball. The little things in life matter. Believe that tomorrow will be better. Stand your ground and don’t be afraid. Nothing matters but the will to succeed. One person can change the world by giving others hope.

Steve Jobs

Trust that your experiences will connect with each other. Follow your heart. Keep your faith and love what you do. Don’t settle. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it. Listen to your own inner voice.

Takeaways of a Leadership Speech

The purpose of a leadership speech is to encourage and motivate. Provide you with reason to get up and tackle a problem. A reason to embrace adversity. Do something that has a purpose.


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