Are you looking for team building games for youth?  Are you tired of youth just sitting around playing games on their tablets? Do the youth you work with care mainly about themselves and very little about their peers?

A bored, unchallenged teenager that is self-centered may spend a lot of time by himself or herself.  The result is that they shut themselves off from the rest of the world.  This makes you feel like your pulling teeth. You may find yourself stressed when working with individuals in this age group and struggling to connect.

In a more severe situation, teenagers may lash out and disturb others.  Allowing teens to proceed in this type of manner when unchecked can lead to long-term consequences.  Long-term consequences may include prison time from violence or theft.

To improve the odds of later success in adulthood, leaders or can use team building games for youth.

Team building games allow teens to connect with each other in a deeper more meaningful level.  There is also a likelihood that it will open a door to them.  This is a great opportunity for future connections that you can influence them in a positive light.

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Team Building Games for Youth      

Animal Farm

This game is a fun method of forming multiple groups.

Everyone receives an identifier card with the name or picture of an animal.  People in the group are tasked with identifying likeminded animals without using words.  Instead, group members must make the sound of the animal.  For example, those who get a card with a pig would make an oinking sound.

People Scavenger Hunt

Start by making a matrix. The size of the matrix can vary depending on the number of people in the group.

In each square, insert one question.  The question should be designed so that the answer is the name of one person in the group.  You may want to inform participants that they are only allowed to fill in their name once for different matrix.

This particular game does not have a winner.  Rather, the purpose of the game is to get to know each other on a different level.

One way to make this game a bit more interesting and unique is to solicit a unique characteristic or experience of each person.  These responses can then be used in each square of the matrix.

Fruit Surgery

This game is best for working in smaller groups.  Begin with giving each group one fruit.  Ask the groups to cut the fruit apart into a few equal sized sections.

Once the piece of fruit has been divided, provide them with the following instructions.  They are the doctors in charge.  Their task is to reassemble the limbs and put the fruit back together.  You will then provide them with different are supplies.

Toilet Paper Role

This is activity is not a game as much as it is an icebreaker.  The toilet paper role activity is a good option when you want the team to understand each other at a deeper level.  It can also be implemented when individuals are coming together for the first time.

Pass around a toilet paper roll to the group.  Ask participants to take as many of the squares they wish.  The roll will be passed to all members, giving everyone a chance to take a minimum of one square.  Once the roll has been passed to everyone, tell him or her to say something unique about themselves.  How much each person tells the group depends on how many squares each individual took from the roll.

Human Knot

This game requires effective communication and cooperation.

Start by telling the group to form a circle.  The next step is to grab the hand from one person standing across from them.  Then with their remaining free hand, they will reach across and hold hands with a different person across from them.

Since everyone is holding hands with two other people in a circle, they will notice that a human knot now exists.  Their responsibility is to “untie” the knot.

Scavenger Hunt

This game is helps youth create awareness for their surroundings.

As the leader, create a scavenger list that pertains to your environment.  Choose things that you want them to be aware of in the workspace.  Add these items to a master list that will be the basis of the game.

You can have each team either take a picture of the item, collect it, or have them receive a stamp.  This will ensure that each group actually works to complete the activity.

Pictionary or Charades

This may be a nostalgic game for you, but it can prove to be very entertaining for kids.

You can use the cards from these games to provide guidance.  Another approach would be to create your own cards based on the setting.  For example, you can use topics that are being learned in school.

Mine Field

Some of the benefits from this game include cooperation, communication, and trust.

Use items from your environment to create obstacles.  This can be chairs or tables for example.  You will scatter them around a space.  You will tell each group that they must guide the person across the minefield to move from point A to B.

Next, you will blindfold one person.  This person will then be asked to spin around a couple times in an effort to disorient them.  Their job of their partner is to provide enough communication so that the blindfolded individual avoids all the obstacles.

To make this even more challenging, any time they hit a mine they will have to return to the start.

Always seek ways to inspire and encourage your team.


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