Bible quotes about life provide five core benefits.

Reading the bible does not need you to come from a certain religious denomination.  Think of the bible just as a bestselling book not a sales book on which religion to follow.  Approach the book as one that is on the best seller’s list and come with no preconceived notions.

If you are looking for words of wisdom about life from someone who is a preacher, you are in the wrong place.  I am writing this post not as a devote catholic but someone who struggles with their faith.  I believe having faith is important as it helps to provide guidance and a moral compass.

I attend a Lutheran church.  I use the words attend loosely as I usually hide out in the children’s playroom.  I hear God’s message from the overhead speaker, perusing the daily news and serving as referee to my young children.

When I am multitasking, I only absorb part of God’s words.  I occasionally genuflect or internalize the meaning of these bible quotes about life.

Reflecting has helped me realize the importance of the bible and life.

Bible Quotes About Strength: Inspiration

Reflecting on the different bible quotes about life is inspirational as it  exudes from each page turn.  On nearly every page, you can find bible quotes about strength.

Look for inspiration to get yourself started for the day.  All you have to do is read a few passages and you are bound to stumble upon encouragement.

But the centurion said, “Lord, I am not worthy for You to come under my roof, but just say the word, and my servant will be healed. Matthew 8:8

I repeat my own version to myself when seeking guidance and trying to add value to those people around me.  I say this phrase when attempting to overcome fear, pain, and sorrow.

I think you can find bible quotes about strength that will pick you up and keep you moving forward.  As a leader, it is easy to encounter daily obstacles.  So, pick an applicable bible quote about life that will encourage you to take action.

If you only choose to say one bible verse to yourself, it can make a difference in your daily routine.

Bible Quotes About Life: Life Guidance

There is little no question that the bible can provide you with guidance about life.  If you take one quote on its own you will recognize that there is little religious slant.  The perspective about the bible is to do positive deeds and make a difference.

Can you go wrong with adhering to this type of ideology?

How you choose to interpret these words is what gives them meaning.  As stated, I am far from a devote Christian.  I have a hard time sitting through mass.  I wrestle with the interpretation of the words given in the sermon.

Left to my own device and meditate on a phrase from the bible, I receive the most value.  For me, I want to follow the advice in the bible but I will not be swayed by the interpretation of others.

The best things to do are listen, reflect, and think.

Use bible quotes about life as prompts that are there to guide you based on your own interpretation.

Bible Quotes about Love: Strengthens the Relationship with YOUR God

By including this section in this post, I may appear hypocritical.  I think it is important to note the word YOUR God.  You may be a believer or a skeptic.  I am not concrete in my.  I fall anywhere on this spectrum during any given day.

I choose to think of God as the force that always challenges me to do better.  As a leader, I know that I can only do so much with my available resources.  I also know that I can always do better.  The willingness to do better may depend on my attitude.

For example, if I take a test I am not likely to do everything correct.  The lack of perfection is the voice of God.  Suppose I score 100% on that same test, I always see room for improvement.  Perhaps this room for improvement occurs through more clarity in my communication.

God opens the door and allows me to improve. What does your God say?

You will find bible quotes about love that allow you to develop the relationship with your God.

Change Your Perception

Reflection on the importance of bible quotes about life leads to two conclusions. First, you either read the bible to confirm that you are following the correct path in life. Two, you read the bible to change your perception about life.

The degree you want to change your perception starts and ends with you.

Eases Your Mind

Following the pursuit of change continuum from above will ease your mind.  Knowing that the actions you take today are supported by the bible provides you with peace of mind.  Seeking guidance for change will also ease your mind.

Those seeking catalysts for change initiatives will find bible quotes about strength.  This eases your mind as you become aware that change is possible.

No matter what your purpose is for reading bible quotes about life, you will find you are “precious.”