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Scarves for Cancer Patients: Where and Why

Hair Scarves for Cancer Patients: What You Need to Know

Cancer is a menacing six letter word.  Perhaps changes to your appearance are not the first image your mind conjures up.  However, with time the thought may eventually be one of growing concern.  Fortunately, scarves for cancer patients are available.  Hair scarves for cancer patients serve the purpose of diminishing the impact of a balding head while allowing you to feel more presentable.  In this post, you will learn about the role of scarves and where to buy head scarves for cancer patients.

Chemotherapy drugs can be harsh but effective.  These drugs along with radiation treatments are designed to attack and kill cancer cells.  These treatments are so powerful they impair hair growth.  This impairment creates a “clumping” situation where hair falls out in patches.

Hair loss of this caliber can have emotional consequences.  As I underwent this experience, my hair loss was one of the more emotional events behind the initial cancer diagnosis.  My hair loss was a physical sign of the gravity of the situation I found myself.  I held onto the hair on my head until half of it was gone because I was not ready to let go.

With half my head bald, I made the conscious choice to shave my head rather than wait for it to come out on its own.

Fortunately, for those who do not wish to appear bald in public, there are scarves for cancer patients.  Your hair will not fall out immediately after beginning treatment.  The time between initial treatment and hair fall out provides you or your friends the opportunity to find the perfect hair scarves for cancer patients.

5 Reasons to Purchase Scarves for Cancer Patients

  1. Stylish

Hair scarves for cancer patients come in a variety of patterns and colors.  These scarves allow you to express yourself.

  1. Come in a variety of fabrics

Depending on your preference scarves come in different materials.  The availability of fabric is important for those who are sensitive and have a preference.

  1. Fit nearly every head size and shape

Some bald heads are more attractive than others.  The average head is 10-12 pounds.  When your head lacks hair, it can present issues concerning your conscious appearance or the way you think others perceive you.

  1. Versatile

Scarves are versatile and can be used in different settings.  They are easy to carry with you because they do not consume much space in your purse or bag.

  1. Serve as a quick cover

Scarves are quick to put on your head.  Getting ready is not time-consuming experience.

Where to Buy Head Scarves for Cancer Patients

  1. TLC Direct

TLC Direct is an affiliate of the American Cancer Society.  By purchasing your scarves for cancer patients through this source, you are indirectly supporting the American Cancer Society.  Any proceeds this organization receives is reinvested in the American Cancer Society.

  1. Good Wishes

You can receive one free scarf if your hair is residing or experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment.  This free scarf is their way of supporting you on your cancer journey.

  1. Amazon


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