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10 Team Building Activities for Teens: Hacks for Improvement

team building for teens


No matter where games take place, team building activities for teens are a great way to develop bonding among individuals. A lot of workplaces where these activities are a great way of strengthening teamwork and enhancing the productivity at the same time. But these activities are not restricted to just one set of group or people, and it could indeed be beneficial to many others including teens. Whether you are talking about athletes or a group of students, team building activities for teens are a perfect way for them to learn the basic principles of teamwork and also acquire some of the much-needed skills in life.

Many would agree for the fact that the teenage is the period in the life of an individual where a lot of self-discovery happens, and it is normal for teens to go through the self-doubting phase. And team building activities for teens are a great way for them to build self-confidence, be better team players as well as develop bonding with others. These are some of the required skills that you could not learn in any classroom and are much needed to deal with things in life. All of this opens up a lot of avenues including the enhancements in teen creativity and also an improvement in their communication skills.

Games and activities are more of a positive experience for them regarding shaping up their self-esteem where they will learn the aspects of success as well as failures, both of which are necessary for life. Many teenagers do not have an active social life, and the team building activities for teens could be a great way to socialize with other people, develop strong connections as well as friendships. Individuals who do not develop these skills would face a lot of difficulties while dealing with ebbs and tides in practical life and being out there with full force to perform would only take you up the ladder in both your personal and professional endeavors.

Reasons to Choose Team Building Activities for Teens

In case of adults, the team building activities for teens are more inclined towards achieving a particular result; however, when it comes to teens, it is all about shaping their minds in a very casual way. It is more inclined towards fun and entertainment so that it creates interest in the teenage group to participate. Many studies support the fact that team activities which facilitate fun ways to attract a larger crowd and also leads to higher amounts of learning. With this approach, there is a long-lasting impact in the teenage fraternity. No matter the group you are looking into, any of the team building activities for teens shall facilitate the following:

• The primary focus of these activities shall be to make sure that an individual comes out of his or her comfort zone and get more comfortable in a social circle. They shall learn how to effectively communicate their ideas while also being patient to listen to other people’s opinions within the team. The activities shall help them learn how to perform in a group to effectively reach a common goal.

• Another critical aspect of these team building activities for teens shall be to hone the leadership skills in an individual. While this unique skill comes naturally to few, it can undoubtedly teach youth to take proper ownership while working in a team. Looking through the overall activity from inception to finish while managing other resources could be a great start towards effective leadership. Some of the other things like listening to other team members while being articulate about your point of view could go a long way in shaping up the leader of the next generation.

• Building trust is another critical area that these team building activities for teens shall promote. It shall get the teenagers closer as individuals and also help them in developing their communication as well as interpersonal skills.

• Last but not the least, team building activities for teens are not productive if it does not enhance the creativity among the teens. The activities shall focus on improving the imaginations among them and also give them the opportunity to correct them if things do not go as per plan.

And when you are in the process of delivering the tasks in any team building activity, it would not be surprising if you do not encounter some level of rebellion and reluctance in completing a particular work. Your focus shall be to ignite the competitive spirit among the individuals by promoting the activity as a challenge with some small reward that comes along with it. Make the team realize that the action could undoubtedly be achievable, but not entirely comfortable and that they need to open up their imaginative capabilities to end up as a winner. It is essential as tasks which are realistically unachievable are not a very popular option to draw more participation.

While these activities occur, the role of the facilitator is essential as it helps to create a fun, safe and conducive environment where the teenage group could deliver to the best of their potential and where there is entirely no fear to fail. If you are the facilitator, try to give as much of encouragement as possible, especially for the underperforming of quiet individuals as some of them need that extra boost to go out there and be a winner. Also, guide them whenever necessary if they are making any mistake. Also, if the group is large, make sure there are enough facilitators so that the activity becomes fun and easy to manage.

Another thing to keep in mind is to communicate the rules clearly and make sure that the group understands them clearly. Ask them repeatedly if they have any questions before the activity starts. Try to be as vigilant as possible to make sure that the entire group is safe while performing the operation. It is common for some individuals to cheat on reporting winning, try to stress the importance of ethics.

Team Building Activities for Teens

Let us now look into some of the top team building activities for teens:

• Minefield: To play this fantastic game, you are looking for a group of somewhere between 2 to 30 individuals, and if you are looking to have a blast out of it, larger groups are preferable. It takes about an hour to engage in this fantastic team building activity. It is quite simple to play where the individuals would navigate through a minefield without stepping on any of the mines. And for any reason, if they do, the game requires them to start again from the beginning point. It is a significant activity where individuals and teams learn the importance of being focused to achieve a particular goal. Also, it would help them to enhance their memories and groups which are focused and effectively contribute among themselves end up on the winning side.

• Robots: It is another great team building activity which helps the teens to develop their verbal as well as non-verbal skills. It requires a team member to get blindfolded and try to retrieve a bomb. The first one to accomplish the task ends up as the winner. While it might sound simple, it is an excellent game where teens could be taught the importance of active cooperation to achieve a common goal. And teams who do not communicate well find it a lot difficult in accomplishing the tasks at hand. It takes about half an hour to complete the game, and groups ranging from anywhere between 6 to 12 individuals are ideal.


• Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces: you are looking at around 30-45 minutes to play this game, and ideal group sizes are between 8 to 16 individuals. It’s a simple activity where teams receive puzzle pieces, and all they need to do is to piece the puzzle together as quickly as possible. The game is one of those activities that test the power of communication and cooperation to achieve the target. It is also a great way to enhance your leadership skills by taking the lead and do the planning and coordination to complete the task in the shortest possible time. It is a great way to learn that much value comes from working with teams rather than at an individual level.

• Electric Fence: As simple as it sounds, all you need to do is to cross the electric fence without touching any part of the fence line. It is an ideal opportunity for teams ranging from 5 to 15 individuals, and it could take up to half an hour to complete it. The activity is a sign for developing the aspects of trust and teamwork as it requires all the members of the team to be dependent on each other so that all of them could pass through the fence without any hassle. Also, it helps in improving the communication standards.

• Incoming Tide Survival: It takes about 45 minutes and is a perfect choice for team sizes of about 8 to 16. This activity requires creativity where the teens pretend to be on a beach, and they need to get off the ground by building a structure with the materials provided to them. It is an excellent way to enhance your creative thinking and problem-solving ability. It is also a great way to improve the team bonding and volunteer yourself to be a top contributor.

• Missile Launch: It takes about 70 minutes to complete this game. And if you are creative, you would dedicate about 10 minutes to brief and set up the agenda, next 10 minutes to come up with an innova
tive plan, about 40 minutes to construct the missile launchers. The following 5 minutes could be to test and the last 5 minutes could be effectively utilized to review. Goal setting is one of the critical takeaways that teens could learn from this activity besides learning how to manage time and be more analytical.

• Towers of Hanoi: This is a quick game, and it takes about 20 minutes to complete. Ideal team size is between 80 to 12 even though up to 20 participants could be allowed. All you need to do is to arrange a stack of tires in a particular order and transfer them from one post to another. One trick to remember is to avoid putting a larger tire on a smaller one. A good strategy would be to use the first 5 minutes to set up and concentrate on the next 10 minutes in accomplishing the task. This game requires a high level of planning, and problem-solving ability along with discussing in groups are some of the traits you could learn as a part of this activity.

• Rope Handcuffs: This is an exciting game where you are required to try and get disconnected from your partner who is tied to you using infinite loops. You also need to make sure that you are not untying the knots. The game focuses on not only learning the basics of being persistent but also would create a lot of laughter where you could enjoy to the fullest while being a part of the game. You do not need a lot of time to review, and if you are analytical regarding your problem-solving abilities, you shall have no difficulty in finding your way out.

Two Bonus Team Building Activities for Teens

• Video Scavenger Hunt: This is a perfect activity for teens who are shy as it requires you to complete the set of tasks by video-recording while you perform the function. Whichever team ends up scoring the maximum points is declared as the winner. It is a more extended game, and you shall dedicate about 2 to 3 hours to finish it, and you could expect around 4-8 members per team. In the present generation where teens are so much in the world of smartphones, this activity provides them with a perfect opportunity to manage the available resources in the allotted time. It also enhances leadership skills in individuals who are ready to take the lead.

• Triangle of Life: it is a 40-minute game, and you would need somewhere between 8 to about 18 individuals per team to do the activity. The fun part is where the teams are required to survive while being stranded on three different islands. They are needed to figure out a way to get the necessary items while there is a supply of only limited equipment. If you are a teen who is quite experimental, this is an excellent activity for you. It could also give you the opportunity to unleash your creativity to the fullest potential and help you realize the importance of being able to survive in any setting or environment. If your team can better communicate and plan, there is no reason why your group would not become the winner.

Team Building Activities for Teens: Summary

While the ones mentioned above are some of the many teen building activities, the primary goal is to make sure that the teens are more engaged and learn the required skills while being able to enjoy these activities in a fun-filled and safe environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to unleash their potential to the fullest. These team building activities for teens are a perfect way for teens to come together as teams and work towards achieving a common goal. These are some of the traits that are essential for them while dealing with complicated situations in life and if they can get through it in a fun way, success would only be a matter of time. It is also a great way to create some fantastic memories with other individuals who could end up being friends for the rest of your life.


Inspirational Quotes For Students: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

inspirational quotes for students

Inspirational quotes for students are incredibly important because they help kids get some perspective on what they are doing. You probably have students in your classes who are working very hard, but those kids just do not know how to get a hold of themselves in some cases. There are a few things that you can do to help your students, and there is a look at what you can do to use quotes that will speak to these kids. These kids will have changed their life trajectory because of these quotes, and they might start to use these quotes every day like you.


  1. You Need Your Own Inspirational Quotes for Students


Your inspirational quotes for students could include any number of things like telling your kids something along the lines of, “do not let perfect be the enemy of good.” That is the quote you will carry with you every day, and the kids will start to take on your personality by adopting your quotes. This does not mean that your kids will always believe these things, but they have something to hold onto.


You might also want to give your kids these quotes at the right times. You could write that quote on their papers, and you could use it when they seem frustrated. You can read the room and see what you should say, and you will have something that the kids will start to use on you. You might notice that the kids are saying these quotes to you, and they mean well because they want you to know that they believe in you.


The quote that you have chosen does not have to be all that serious. It could be pulled from a TV show or song, but it could have deep meaning to you. You just need to be sure that you have the quote that is going to work in any situation that you want. There are a lot of people who do not know how to use their quote in all cases, and those are the people that have a hard time to dispense wisdom.


  1. The Kids Need Exposure To Wisdom inspirational quotes for students


There are a lot of kids who are just not exposed to wisdom on a daily basis, and they are only asked by their parents to get good grades. These kids are never taught about how to live their lives on the right path, and you need to give them some quotes to live by. You might tell them that they need, “the serenity to accept the things they cannot change and the strength to change the things they can.”


These kids are much more likely to be successful because they are given something that they can hold onto in times of trouble. They could use the inspirational quotes for students you have in your back pocket to help the kids who are hoping for some kind of guidance, and you should start listing these quotes in places where the kids can see them. You are not necessarily drilling them on these quotes so much as they are learning how to think for themselves.


These kids can then start to dissect the things that they read, and they will find that they have their own opinion on each of these quotes. They might not hit the nail on the head the first time, but they are learning at all times. This alone makes it worth it for them to continue to come into contact with these quotes because they are learning something.


  1. Do Not Be Forceful


The quotes that you teach your kids should be things that you merely explain without much fanfare. You can let the kids decide for themselves how to use these quotes. Yes, you might say these quotes all the time, but the kids are the ones who have to apply them. You might tell the kids that, “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” This alone is helpful, but the kids are the ones who need to take it to heart.


You are giving the kids tools for their lives, and they might go out of their way to seek out new things that they can learn from, and they are taking control of their own learning. This is a compelling thing for you to do for the kids, and you must give the kids a way of thinking that is good for them. However, you are not forcing them to learn these quotes because they would only come to hate them.


The kids who are forced to learn things will hate them at some point because they will start to have a problem learning for themselves. You do not want to take the fun out of learning, and that why it is better for you to stick to the quotes and just use them naturally. This makes it very easy for you to make a choice that will help the kids learn something because you are only talking about these things organically. They start to get curious, and they do not feel like learning is a drag because they have enough extra space in the day to learn about something unique.


  1. Kids Do Not Always Get The Message


You might need to sit down and explain some of these quotes to your kids because they might not understand the nuances involved. For example, a kid might not realize that being kind can be a path to being perfect. You are telling the kids something that is helpful, but that does not mean that they know what it means.


You must be willing to break down these quotes for the kids, and you must give them a chance to have the experience of learning what the quote really means. You might want to lay these things out for the kids so that they can determine what is possible, and they will start using these quotes in a better way because they now know the full meaning. The kids are the kind of people who can learn anything quickly, but you sometimes have to give them a helping hand.


  1. Where Do The Inspirational Quotes for Students Come From?


You must choose as many sources for your quotes as possible. You do not want to quite the same person over and over because that can get very boring. It would be better for you to quite women and men, scientists and philosophers, and people of the industry so that the kids get a good variety in what they are hearing. Your students know what they are listening to, and they will start to notice if they understand the same kind of information over and over.


The sources for your inspirational quotes for students should be women as often as possible. There are a lot of girls who feel like they are getting left out because they never hear from women in your class. Women have been scrubbed from history in many cases, and it is wise to give the girls in your class as much representation as you possibly can. This means that you can span all the disciplines so that you can give them as much of the female wisdom as you can find. Alternating between men and women helps all the kids in the class learn more about where they come from.


  1. Let The Kids Bring In Quotes


It is nice to have the kids bring in quotes that they think will be helpful to the people around them. This means that you could have the kids teach each other, and you might even ask them to do projects on the inspirational quotes for students they have found. This is an excellent way for you to learn because you might not know the background of every quote that you hear from your students.


The students who bring in their own quotes are bringing their own wisdom to the table, and they are showing you what they learned from each one. This alone is very nice to see because you can tell that they are learning. You might even have a helpful discussion in class about these quotes, and you just need to know if you can talk to every kid about something different.


This is a lot like the study of philosophy, and it is an excellent way for you to get the kids to learn to be discerning. However, there are more places where the kids could actually learn about living life well. They need to look to the arts because they might find even more things than they thought.


  1. TV And Movies

You must turn to TV, movies, comic books, and music to find more quotes about life. You might have thought that you could just switch to writers to find quotes, but it is going to be very hard for you to get the kids to buy in because many of the great authors of history were actually terrible writers. There is no reason to force the kids to read Hemingway when you know that he is not very good to understand. You need the quotes of the TV and movies the kids watch, and you might need to be very thoughtful about this and change how you consume media.


There are many TV shows and movies that do an outstanding job of showing kids how the world works, and you might be surprised at the absurd humor that is happening on some of these shows. You should very quickly get the kids to pay closer attention to the dialogue on these shoes, and you could share the inspirational quotes for students that you think are most useful.


It is also wise to use these quotes in class especially if they come from current media. You might be surprised how powerful it is to use language that the kids know best, or you could start quoting bands. The bands that kids love are often writing exciting things, and you must let the kids know that you heard the wisdom that is buried in their music.

  1. Quotes Explain Relationships


There must be a time when you turn to talk about relationships because the kids are going to be in relationships themselves. You might tell them things like, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” and they need to know that that is actually true. You must let the kids know that people have been talking about love for as long as we have been recording history, and they could pick up one fantastic wisdom on relationships if they are looking in the right places.


You might go so far as to tell the kids that they cannot please all the people all the time. This will cut to the core of how they think they can win friends and influence people and will learn that they need to be more themselves every day.


  1. What Is Your Ultimate Goal?


Your ultimate goal for the kids should be making sure that they can get through life with a bit of common sense. You want the kids to have something that they can use for their own benefit when the time is right, and they might use those very same quotes on people in the future. The inspirational quotes for students might be the only thing that helps kids get through hard times, and you are showing them that they have all the information they need in their heads.


  1. Conclusion


The inspirational quotes for students that you picked out for kids in your class could be the best things you tell them all year. You can use your own favorite quotes, or you can ask the kids what they think they want to learn about. You can start pulling quotes that are good for the kids, and you can completely change their perspective on life. You have to give them perspective because they might not have lived long enough to have it themselves.


Life Coach for Teens: Get the Best from Teen Coaching

teen coaching


You will learn the value of a life coach for teens by understanding teen coaching. As parents, you always want what is best for your children. In fact, you want them to be better than you and achieve any objective they set. You want to pass on essential life skills that will help them grow and develop. Essential life skills bring us to the problem at hand, which is teens think they know everything and do not want to listen to others. Teens especially don’t want to hear their parents most of the time.

A solution to overcoming this hurdle is introducing your children to a life coach for teens. Teen coaching provides youth with essential life skills necessary to be successful in life. The goal begins with understanding the situations teens face. Not only is this a crucial aspect of teen coaching, but it provides teenagers with the opportunity to express themselves. Teens want to feel like they have a voice. Teenagers have a desire to feel as though their thoughts and emotions matter. Allowing these individuals to express themselves make them feel important.

Significance of Building Confidence with Teen Coaching

As teen begin to feel increasingly important, they gain confidence. With confidence, a teen can implement ideas that arise from teen coaching. Faith also helps them with a willingness to try new things without fear of failure. When failure happens, they can overcome this setback.

Confidence building improves the mental state of the teenager. As confidence increases, they learn to accept and seek more responsibility. Responsibility coincides with improved health, social skills, and skill competency.

A Life Coach for Teens Helps to Navigate Change

The ideals of teenagers are high. As a result, a teen would express the desire to make changes in many parts of their lives if asked. A life coach for teens helps to prioritize areas of change most sought after.life coach for teens

A teenager who is wishing to make changes to multiple facets of their lives may lead to frustration and stress. This degree of emotional stress can snowball if not attended to with time.

As stated, a life coach for teens examines the context of environmental stress. This information helps to create an image of the future. How does positive change appear? What goals does the teenager wish to accomplish? The coach will through these types of questions to identify a pathway for change to occur.

As the teenager begins to reflect on these changes, the coach will also identify the strengths and weaknesses of the teenager. Understanding strengths and weaknesses allow the coach and teenager to develop strategies for implementation of tools to reach their goals.

A Life Coach for Teens Consider Cultural Influences and Behavior

Those around them shape the way an individual thinks about their situation. Some say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time in your life. If you wish to change your something about yourself, look at hanging out with different people.

For this reason, teen coaching may involve consideration for the cultural dimensions around a person. Friends and or family likely influence the thinking of a teenager. These are individuals who may believe something is not possible based on their experience. Citing that somebody told them no it is not possible. They may have also felt they lacked the necessary tools to be successful. As a result, they choose to give up.

3 Questions a Life Coach for Teens can Ask to Put Life in Perspective

The following items help teenagers to think about their future. This knowledge allows the coach to tailor the teen coaching session to the desires of the individual.

  1. What does your future look like in five years if you choose to make no life choices to improve yourself?
  2. If you could snap your fingers and do anything you had a desire to do assuming anything was possible where would you be in five years?
  3. Are you prepared to let go of your limitations, assume responsibility, and develop into your ideal person? If not, what barriers do you need to overcome?

Areas for a Teen Coaching Session to Explore

A life coach for teens may discover that the following areas are considered limitations upon hearing the answer to the above questions.

  • Organization and Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Family Conflict
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Perseverance
  • Decision-making
  • Goal Setting


If you have a teenager, what limitations do you believe are holding them back from becoming the best version of themselves? Leave a comment.


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